Why did the LDS Church Banned the 1958 edition of Mormon Doctrine? Because the 1st edition pointed out that The Great Abominable Church of the Devil is the Roman Catholic Church

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mormon Doctrine VS. Interfaith...Catholic Church that did the MOST harm...Cross on a LDS Temple?...

Landmark 'Mormon Doctrine' goes out of print

Religion » McConkie's Mormon Doctrine is popular but polarizing

SALT LAKE TRIBUNE - 05/21/2010

After more than 50 years, Bruce R. McConkie's Mormon Doctrine , one of the most influential LDS books of the 20th century, has quietly gone out of print.

The encyclopedic explanation of LDS teachings, first published in 1958, went through 40 printings, selling hundreds of thousands of copies. Deseret Book has decided not to reprint the classic volume, said spokeswoman Gail Halladay, because of "low sales."

"The demand is no longer there," said Halladay, managing director for marketing and communications. …Several passages about the Roman Catholic Church and McConkie's views of blacks were seen as especially offensive…Petersen recommended 1,067 changes "that affected most of the 776 pages of the book," the biography says. McKay feared that if the corrections were made, it would seriously affect McConkie's credibility, so he preferred not to see the book republished at all. "Nonetheless, McConkie audaciously approached McKay six years later and pushed for publication of the book in a revised form,"

…"The book became one of the all-time best-sellers in Mormondom,"…but the LDS scientist nonetheless was "delighted" by news that Mormon Doctrine no longer would be published.

"His book," Prince said, "has done some serious damage."

In the first edition, Prince said, it was his "diatribe against the Roman Catholic Church that did the MOST harm...

(Note: Book Banned: Bruce R. McConkie’s Mormon Doctrine VS. Interfaith

Thursday, May 20, 2010-- Interesting that the LDS Church stop printing Mormon Doctrine saying there is no market in selling it, yet the book stores can’t keep them in stock, The real reason I believe is Interfaithism is the goal of the N.W.O. church!

Cross on a LDS Temple?

Cross on a LDS Temple? 1:45 of this video it looks like there is a cross on the front door of the Rome Temple.

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